“Skorro is niets voor mij, da’s Waste of Time” 

The Legendary OUZI is back with his incredible style, talking about him droppin out of school. “Skorro is niets voor mij, da’s Waste of Time” translated means School ain’t for me, it’s waste of time. Enjoy this banger!

 SKI sings an ode about his drug-addiction in Sober Nights. With subtances being crucial for numbing the pain of his condition, he sings about the hardest moments he experienced during opioid withdrawal. Enjoy the touching, painful but still joyful performance.

A label? A clothing brand? Weird Aliens? A quite unique but perfectly complementary combination. With the eyes on shifting the entertainement industry whilst changing the concept of marketing, we’re here to make a big footprint. But where did the idea come from? How do we operate? 

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